We all have some sort of nostalgia (or addiction) related to pokemon, the best game ever, but at the same time, we have to spend a long time preparing for adulthood and interviews instead of playing pokemon! So anyways, we figured why not make an app that can help us knock out two birds with one stone?

What it does

Pokecruiter helps computer science students prepare for technical interviews with a gamefied twist. The app quizzes future-interviewees on relevant knowledge such as Data Structures and Pointers.

How I built it

We used Java and Android Studio for the bulk of the work. The data was scraped in Python with xml and Requests. The programmers were kept awake with coffee and whatever weird soylent stuff Fron is taking. We tested the app on a Nexus 5. Image manipulation was done in Gimp.

Challenges I ran into

Programming in a new language is always hard, and since only one of us had experience in Android there was a bit of a steep learning curve. We ran into some trouble with race conditions due to the structure of our code, so we had to refactor a good chunck of code towards the end. Our original idea had been for the app to randomly alert you that 'a wild recruiter appears' through your day as you wander about, and you would then be prompted to 'battle' by answering interview-prep questions, but we never got time to set up a notification system that could handle that so we opted to just do continuous question-answer instead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Following a project through from beginning to end (or at least to a reasonable conclusion) is always satisfying. Also the soundtrack was written, produced, and recorded over the hackathon. It is truly the most spectacular piece of bad music that has ever graced my ears. We sang it a capella at four in the morning.

What I learned

We learned a lot about how to program Android applications. We learned that Taylor Swift does sound better at 5 in the morning. We learned about teamwork and getting things done when we have a seemingly infinite list of features we want to implement and a short amount of time. We also learned about how to resolve merge conflicts in Github. Okay, that's a lie, but--come on--that tripped us up like 5 times and it always took forever to fix.

What's next for Pokecruiter

In order to get the app from its minimum viable product state to an actual app that people would use requires a couple things: coming up with our own questions (a lot of them), adding a notification system in order to quiz you throughout the day, and an experience gaining system to encourage users to continue to use the app. Also a lot of sleep for its creators.

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