We all love pokemon. So we decided to build a virtual environment where you can challenge your friends to pokemon battles. You can choose from a range of available pokemon and use a variety of different moves with a variety of animations.

How it works

The environment was developed by us throughout the hackathon. The pokemon were built from 3D models that we rigged and animated ourselves. The gameplay initiates when at least two Oculus rift users join the server. The users pick their pokemon and battle in VR.

Challenges I ran into

For all of the team members, this was the first time to ever use Unity. Working with a tool that we did not quite know how to use was demanding. We also faced a challenge communicating information between users on unity. Many of us were also new to game development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning Unity and Blender in less than 24 hours and achieving significant progress with both.

What I learned

Game development, Graphics and Design, Animations, P2P architectures.

What's next for PokéBattle

Hopefully we will expand it further to include a wider range of pokemon and moves that will allow the game to be as close as possible to the existing games. We are also looking forward to add voice recognition and motion capture for body movements.

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