From avoiding the use of pirated tickets and increasing ticket prices when issuing tickets in the traditional way.

What it does

Ticket management and issuance system through the Polkadot Network

How we built it

Build on analysis of the relationship between events, people, participants, and ticket types when operating in the real world.

Challenges we ran into

Create a unified flow of ticket control and easy to use and authorize.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

User-friendly platform based on mobile end-user interface

What we learned

The consistent in-depth analysis of ticket issuance and circulation in practice.

What's next for PolkaTicket

Expand the system further and integrate with external event organizers, as a 3rd party platform issues tickets on Polkadot.


A. Project Description

  • Name: Polka-Ticket
  • Description: A decentralized NFT Ticking System for full cycle issuing and manageable in modern ways.

What's next (Milestones)

Q3-2022: Implement Sub-State and Event Management for Eco-System Q4-2022: Ticket Staking, Mobile App Q1-2023: Complete Roles of Stakeholders, Sponsors, and Influencers Q2-2023: Support Multiple Chain, Governance Token


1. Team Leader (Blockchain Developer): (Hiep Le)
2. Business Analyst: (Hien Nguyen)
3. Frontend Developer:
- (Nghi Nguyen)
- Duy Le
- Tu Nguyen
4. Backend Developer: Duy Nguyen, Dat Nguyen
5. Blockchain Developer: Hiep Le, Son Lam

B. 5 minute Pitch Video

Design UX/UI

C. GitHub Repo Link

D. List of Tech Stack Used

  • ReactJS
  • IPFS
  • MoonBeam
  • Solidity
  • TailwindCSS
  • Web3
  • Metamask

E. Project Demo Link

Built With

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