An app that keeps physicians up-to-date with medical content relevant to his/her specialty, and connects them with other physicians to discuss best practices for chronic disease treatment.

How it works

DocKnock is a fee-based subscription service prescribing a physician-centric daily injection of up-to-the-minute medical information relevant to the speciality of the physician with a booster shot of Doctor-to-Doctor real-time communications, Doctor-to-Watson real-time communications, and Doctor-to-Doctor-to-Watson real-time communications.

With DocKnock, the Doctor can subscribe to a personalized service to be kept up-to-date during his morning rituals, her morning drive, his or her scheduled free time or engage their entire team for knowledge sharing during the morning Rounds meeting.

Further, as a fee-based subscription service, DocKnock can be scaled to provide services at the individual cost point, the private practice cost point or even an enterprise price point compatible with the entire healthcare organization.

We see DocKnock as a personal knock at the start of the physicians day, a collaboration knocker when the physician needs a consult and a deep learning knock whenever the physician needs the most relevant new medical information, all powered by the power of Watson.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for DocKnock

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