Kids in this quarantine must be missing their favorite kindergarten days. They must be feeling so bored and less energetic. Now here is the solution to elevate their boredom, EKG is built for teaching the kids with few cool stuffs. (E-Electronic, KG-KinderGarten) The features are :

  • Animals Pool
  • Color Click
  • Story Teller

What it does

  • Our EKG will teach kids what animals sound like. For example, a cat says meow, a cow says mooo, a dog says baw baw, a pig says oink oink, a snake says isssss. This is the first feature Animals Pool. A pool of animals are shown in animated version and when clicked will make their respective sound along with a tag popping up showing it's name.
  • Our EKG will teach what a color looks like! For example, Red, Blue, Green, Black, White, Yellow... There will be a bunch of colors boxed and when clicked the color name pops up and read out.
  • The last feature our EKG has is the story teller. Few hand-picked short stories are available to be read out by the app. When any story is clicked the story will be read out with the text shown on screen.

How I built it

The application is built in Android-Studio using Kotlin as the language. The resources like animal voices and pictures are taken from google images and free animal sound websites. The UI is built in XML and there was no external libraries or extensions added. It is simple and fun full application for kids.

Challenges I ran into

I was not getting the right resources for almost 1/4th of the hackathon time but I tried my best to get the resources ready for the application on time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I successfully implemented all the 3 features I planned for although I spent the whole night learning kotlin.

What I learned for E-KinderGarten(EKG)

I learnt kotlin in much better way and was able to learn and implement text-to-speech method.

What's next for E-KinderGarten(EKG)

Next plan is to put it on playstore ;-) In future I will implement more features and user stories.

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