Here’s the elevator pitch:

Personal avatars have taken over our social interaction space. Bitmoji was the No. 1 most downloaded app across multiple markets in 2017 [1]. However, an untapped space for Bitmoji integration is within gaming – Pointless aims to fill that space.


It’s built with:

React-Native, Invision, Go

The team:

Kevin Quinn, Austin Meyer

Here’s the whole story:


Personal avatars are ubiquitous across texts, emails, social media, and nearly all major social interaction platforms. However, personal avatars have yet to heavily integrate with games. We aim to fix that.

What it does

Pointless will integrate with a user’s personal avatar, primarily Bitmoji, and provide users a platform to level up, compete, and battle other avatars.

Challenges we ran into

Previous hackathons taught us that a good design was just as important as good code. We think we have a great design, but we were not able to code as much as we would have liked due to the time spent designing. Appropriate use of time rests on the precipice of good design and good code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

During the competition, we completed the following:

  • Purchased and filed the LLC “Friggin’ Good Games” with the state of Wisconsin

  • Signed a partnership agreement between each member of our team

  • Purchased the domain www.playpointless.com and set up a simple landing page

  • Created a paper storyboard and translated it into interactive electronic visual POCs

  • Started an expense tracker and shared file repository to store all project documents

  • Created a basic server in Go

  • Created a React Native app with basic layout, navigation, etc.

  • Created a style guide to inform future designs and development

  • Created a data-driven leveling system (See attached 'Leveling System' image)

What's next for Pointless

There are several things Pointless and the team need to accomplish to move forward –


  • Develop an MVP API

  • Finish the app prototype based on mockups

  • Basic combat implementation

  • Store implementation (integrate a payment system, preferably through the app stores)

  • Add user authentication (such as Auth0)

  • Setup continuous integration and testing suites

  • Explore integration with Snapchat Bitmojis or similar

  • Add ad and store mechanics for revenue

  • Publish to app stores


  • Explore how taxes work with Google Play and iTunes

  • Determine if pass-through taxes vs corporation taxes are better

  • Start marketing campaign through YouTube and Facebook

  • Maintain expense tracking

  • Contract designer(s) for UX/UI design

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