I’ve been researching about the power of self-talk and how it could help us improve our mental health. In people who suffer from anxiety or obsessive-compulsive thoughts, there is constant negative thinking. Self-talk treatment seeks to treat these conditions by "reprogramming" people's brains by embracing positive thoughts to replace negative ones.

What it does

My lens allows you to take negative statements and transform it by saying positive ones. At the end of the experience, the different statements will form a colorful flower if seen from a certain point of view.

How we built it

For this lens, I used keyword detection. I started with the Spectacles Voice Control template as a base to build my lens. I configured the keywords of each phrase and used the behavior script to add actions. Each word sends a trigger that will activate the different animations. For the final design, I used something called anamorphic optical illusion. This illusion uses different parts of an element distributed in the space that will merge creating a new object while looking at it from a certain point of view. For achieving this effect I did many tests, first with a simple sphere, and once I got the sizes and distances right I replaced these with the parts of a 3D rose.

Challenges we ran into

The anamorphic optical illusion was difficult to achieve since I had to arrange the elements and then test it on the cellphone. The Lens Studio simulator was not able to show the effect. It took me a while to get the dimensions and distances right.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I liked how the anamorphic optical illusion came out at the end, I was afraid it couldn't be achieved in a lens, but after several tries it all took shape.

What we learned

I learned how to make sequential actions within a lens to create a storyline without coding. I used the base of the Spectacles Voice Control template for this.

What's next for Point of View

I would like to create a lens that could use positive self-talk as a proper self-therapy tool. It would be great to use persistence storage to develop a journey using different phrases and levels.

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