This is a POS application which contains workspace and POS dashboard widget. This is especially done for touch screen and food related stores.

What it does

It is a workspace which contains boards for the POS application. It also contains a POS dashboard widget. POS dashboard widget can be used for POS purposes.

Features of POS Widget:
  1. Can add items and select modifiers.
  2. Option for barcode scan or manual entry of item code
  3. Clear items or Cancel the whole order
  4. Hold/Release multiple orders
  5. Add/Edit Customer details
  6. Page to set delivery type. (Dine In, Home Delivery, Self Pick Up)
  7. Ability to give reward points to customer based on purchase.
  8. Customers can redeem reward points.
  9. Cash payment (Card payment not supported yet)
  10. Ability to give discount in percent or amount
  11. Search for items based on code, name and category
  12. View/Open recent orders
  13. Save order without payment. (Payment can be completed later)
  14. Open/Print last order with single click
  15. View/Print current order receipt with out saving the order
  16. Virtual keyboard support for touch screen (can disable in settings)
  17. Has bunch of settings to make it work your way
Features of POS Workspace
  1. It contains board to manage items, customers, payments and order
  2. Items can have additional modifiers or attributes
  3. Order board can manage orders payment and delivery

How we built it

It is built using VueJs with Quasar framework. SCSS is used for styling.

What we learned

POS system and widget and graphql api

What's next for Point of Sale

There are many additional options can be done for this pos application. First of all is card payment.

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