POI nearby gives you flexibility when you walk around the city. When you need to find a Point Of Interest you just have to select one from predefined categories:

  • ATMs & Finance
  • Eating & Drinking
  • Accommodation
  • Shopping
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Transport
  • Gas Station
  • Entertainment & Social Life
  • Services
  • Education
  • Health & Beauty
  • Emergency Services
  • Vehicle Services
  • Religion
  • Government & Public Services

Once the category is selected the app will display all the relevant places in your area. The app will also sort them by distance from your current GPS position, with the closest items at the top. If no POI is found you can extend the range. Please note this application works the best if you are in the big city where there are usually plenty of POIs around you.

When you have finally selected the POI you want to visit, just click it. The app will display detailed information about it.

As a extra feature I have also implemented GPS Turn by Turn navigation. If you want to visit the POI you may need guidance to get there. The app can instruct you step by step, just like typical GPS navigation.

I believe this is a very useful app, especially when you are travelling. With your help I can improve it!

I have many ideas to improve it, by adding:

  • POI rating and comments imported from popular services like TripAdvisor. This will help the user to select the most valuable POI.
  • voice guidance in English
  • search POI by voice
  • Google Street View, to display how the POI looks before you decide to go there. That can be important if you are choosing a good restaurant with your partner.

I think this is a MUST HAVE app for Galaxy Gear. I hope you like the idea and you think it can add some value to Galaxy Gear ecosystem.

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