POI nearby gives you flexibility when you walk around the city.

Functionality All the main functions are presented at the promotional video.

When you need to find a Point of Interest you just have to select one from predefined categories or use voice search function (supported by the Nuance engine).

Once the category is selected (or voice is recognized by the Nuance) the app will display all the relevant places in your area.

The app will also sort them by distance from your current GPS position, with the closest items at the top. If no POI is found you can extend the range using the top-right icon. This is a very easy-to-use design. Please note this application works the best if you are in the big city where there are usually plenty of POIs around you.

When you have finally selected the POI you want to visit, just click it. The app will display detailed information about it.

As you can see there are many options here. You can:

  • Call the place (phone application will be launched)
  • Go to the webiste (phone web browser will be launched)
  • See the gallery or street view of the place

As a extra feature I have also implemented GPS Turn by Turn navigation. If you want to visit the POI you may need guidance to get there. The app can instruct you step by step, just like typical GPS navigation.

In addition to all that you can set the unit of measurement you want to use (many users have been asking me about it):


When I was deciding what app to make for this contest I thought about GPS naviation at the beginning. The problem with that would be how the user would specify the destination on such small screen. It would be difficult to make. That's why I decided destinations would already be inside the app. This is how my idea came to reality.

I think the app has unique functionalities which you can find nowhere else:

  • the option to search for POIs by voice
  • its own GPS (but the application can also run phone navigation and in the future we can also launch HERE navigation for Galaxy Gear S). So it's super easy to get to the place you want to go.

  • integration with Google Places api like Street View, Gallery, Comments, User Ratings

Commercial Potential

It's natural that this kind of app will have big commercial potential. You sell not only the app itself but space within your list to venues seeking star billing.

Usability and Design

The basic idea of getting all this information is familiar through smartphones so people will be able to use it and even learn to expect it. This just happens to be a better, more integrated service than you can get anywhere else. And on your wrist.

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