In recent times, I have noticed how tedious and inefficient the process of paying in a restaurant has become in light of new technologies. Additionally, from the experiences of family and friends I have seen how unsafe the process of giving your payment information to a waiter can be as this commonly results in credit card fraud. Due to these factors, I firmly believe that Pogo can significantly improve the experiences of restaurant-goers by securing and expediting the restaurant payment process.

How it works

Pogo allows you to find your table's check by simply scanning a QR code on your table that is unique to every table. This connects to the restaurant's point of sale systems and allows the user to view their check, add the desired amount for the tip, and select a payment method from their virtual wallet. After selecting their payment method, the user can finish the payment and seamlessly pay their check. By using a QR code, it prevents the restaurants to need to purchase hefty hardware to become adopters of the application and makes it much more easy to have restaurant owners bring this application to their own restaurant.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the UI and how easily the app flows from opening to finishing your payment. This minimizes the number of steps needed to pay your receipt and leave the restaurant.

What's next for Pogo

Going to continue revising the application's vision and hopefully will be in every restaurant in America.


Check out the demo video!

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