We were inspired by the need for self care and calming activities during stressful times in our life. Since snails are the perfect example of taking things "slow and steady," we decided to make a simple web app following the day-to-day life of Pogi the snail. The inspiration of Pogi's name is based off the Filipino word for "handsome."

What it does

Each activity Pogi goes through will reflect an act of self-care. Since the goal is for the user to enjoy a series of calming activities, most of the features will be to progress Pogi's story. The user will able to select a series of levels, each depicting Pogi in a different background, such as his garden or on the sidewalk. As the user progresses through Pogi's story, they will get the option to customize Pogi with different shell colors or accessories.

How we built it

Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, and Procreate

Challenges we ran into

We ran into problems in the development stage, as we had trouble connecting the back end to the front end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the storytelling aspect of our app, and we are proud of the concept we created. We are proud of Flo for producing sick graphics for our project. We are proud of how cute Pogi is.

What we learned

We learned how challenging projects can be under a strict time limit.

What's next for pogi (the snail)

We hope to be able to fully develop Pogi's adventures, and launch it as a mobile app!

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