Twitchcon Challenge by streamer SirSlaw whose challenge was to build a twitch extension that allows a user to more make past content more easily discoverable

What it does

Pogalytics is a twitch extension panel that shows a timeline of PogChamps and its derivatives that happened during a previous broadcast. This graph allows you to jump immediately to the Video On Demand (VOD) to where the Pog play occurred to more easily narrow down what the user wants to watch in a past broadcast.

It provides an intuitive design for the viewers and definitely drive viewers to watch past content more!

How I built it

Node server that reads chat and runs analytics on the # of Pogs in a given time interval

Used a javascript graph tool and modified it to link to a certain time point in a users past broadcast.

Challenges I ran into

What's next for Pogalytics

  • Grabbing the pogalytics of all previous broadcasts
  • Automatically creating highlight videos from VODs
  • Tracking other emotes (Kappalytics, LULalysis, etc)

Built With

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