At first I ways making a traffic simulation and when I did some more research I realized that this was incredibly difficult. So then I started writing down some more ideas and I remembered the poetry unit we did in school where we made cento poems. I thought I could do this because I have made some projects with NLP and text analysis, as wells as be some what of a challenge because making poetry is really hard.

What it does

My project first scrapes a website( for poems mad by famous poets (shakesphere, Robert Frost, etc.). Then it saves them to a file called poems.csv. After this it splits them into sentences/lines. Then the program analyze the topic word and "rates" the sentences with vectors and then after its done rating all off them it chooses 5 of the highest rated ones

How we built it

I built my project with python and the SpaCy module as well as bs4.

Challenges we ran into

At first I could not figure out how to scrape the website or even what website to use but then I watched a tutorial on scraping and realized it was actually fairly simple.

Git hub repo link

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I very proud of me using a new package (bs4) for web scraping because I have never done anything related to this ever and my implantation works really well and reliably

What we learned

I learned Web Scraping and how to use NLP and SpaCy to make brand new literature
I also learned the importantence of a managing your time as well as not biting of more than i can chew

Real World Application

A real world problem that can be solved with a program that makes poetry is the problem of writer's block. And the program can help with that by providing a prompt or topic to write about. Poetry can also be used as a form of therapy to help people express their feelings and emotions. And people who struggle with mental health issues can

benefit from poetry as a form of self-care.

What's next for Poetry Generation with SpaCy's NLP

I would like to add a GUI or a web interface for my project so it is easier to use and feel more complete

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