Poem is an android based map and camera integrated app that narrates the beauty of surroundings in tourist places to users.It always happens that blind people will always lack chance to admire nature's beauty.Poem is written keeping blind people in mind but believes that "This is not pity, This for more beauty."This app helps the blind users to understand the beauty of nature by its narration.The USP of this app not only blind people everyone can use.

What it does

App retrieves the movement and emotions data of the user from muse and identifies, the user is at a tourist place , if the emotion of the user is "HAPPY" and when movement is zero i.e. user is standing still admiring the beauty.As soon as it recognizes its a tourist spot from previous data it notifies the user and opens camera to take a picture.Additionally if user id blind , it starts narrating about the tourist place.

How we built it

We have used android to Collect data from muse and identfied the user emotion and movement data. Used notifaction service in android to understand user is at tourist spot and store gps. Used "Text to speech" concept in android to narrate the text from wikipedia. Using the readings from Muse and motion data from the phonesof mutiple users, points of interest are tagged on the map. When a user approaches a point of interest, they recieve a notification on their phone encouraging them to take a picture and describe the imagery. These images are then p-hashed and stored in a cloud DB, along with their descriptions and locations. When a user approaches a point of interest, they recieve a notification on their phone. The user then will pull out their phone and open Poem. Poem will instruct the user to turn around slowly with the camera facing away from them. During this time, images are captured at 1 second intervals, p-hashed and are compared with the one stored in the cloud DB. If a match is found, the phone vibrates and then starts reading out the stored description for that image.

Challenges we ran into

We all are completely new to programming and took ambitious step to learn how to program on andriod SDK , Java , PHP , Javascript ,AWS.It was difficult for to understand the technical jargons though we had functional knowledge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we able to gather all our ideas and create an app using a language which we never used.

What we learned

We learnt and understood the working and libraries of Muse SDK and Pebble SDK and android , java, PHP , javascript and AWS.We learnt how to apps communicate at the backend.

What's next for Poem-an android app that narrates beauty

Next step for Poem would be "Its your story" , from the images saved used poem we will try create a story time line for the users. I would act as a guide to some of the best travel adventures irrespective of the persons abilities!

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