Our project was aimed towards the hispanic community in response to Telemundo's challenge at Comcast Universal Hackathon 2018 in Miami. The challenge was to create an innovative and compelling new experience, product or service to help promote community engagement with Telemundo’s brand and content such as We took the issue that many hispanics have when it comes to the issue of political literacy. It can be overwhelming and confusing especially with so many issues and politicians on the rise. There are hundreds of resources for hispanics that show where the polls are and give strong encouragement to vote with statistics and rallies however none really show which issues matter and who to contact when there is an issue that can only be voted on by senators. Which is why we created Poder Vote. It gives hispanics the power to have a voice.

What it does

Our system shows users personalized and relevant issues to helps users take action on the issues that directly affect them and really matter. When choosing to take action upon viewing a bill, users can contact their senators and/or find voting polls near them. We also have the ability to chose your language which will switch the app to Spanish and translate the bills title and summary.

How we built it

NodeJs and Mongo were used in the backend and React in the front end. We handled authentication with JWT and Bcyrpt. Our app leverages several polling related and political APIs that are aggregated to show relevant information based on user interests and demographics. Cheerio was used as our web scraper to pull extra information unavailable through APIs.

Built With

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