Our team took inspiration from many sources. We first began by viewing example portfolio pages from generic Google searches. Although we found some great ideas via Google, a portfolio that particularly inspired our scroll-oriented design was from an MLH fellow. In the #introduce-yourself channel, we found Sina Khalili's portfolio page ( and fell in love with his on-scroll animations. We wanted to apply scroll animations in our own project and we did so in our homepage.

What it does

Our portfolio is meant to show rather than tell. In our homepage, we stuck with brief taglines that are unique to each of us along with showing off our character through avatars. Clicking on our rectangular profiles leads to individual pages for each of us. These pages give a personalized about section as well as a carousel of projects that you can click through.

How we built it

Our portfolio is made primarily through vanilla html, css and javascript implemented with flask and a python3 virtual environment. The carousel functionality seen on our individual pages is accomplished through Glider.js and jQuery.

Challenges we ran into

None of us was anywhere near being an expert at using any of these frontend tools, and we learned as we worked through the project which took some time and we had to dedicate many hours to figure some things out. CSS design and best practices also proved itself as a major hurdle for our team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning and making great progress on the go, the fact that we started developing great skills at working with a team of people from other parts of the world and contributing together on a single project.

What we learned

We grew our skills using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flask, Virtual Environments, team and time management skills, Git and GitHub, but we also learned more about ourselves and our capabilities, even if there's way more still to learn... we can do it!

What's next for POD 3.3.0 Team 2

Keep working on more awesome projects and carrying the skills and lessons learned here to our future work.

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