Portfolio website for a quick overview about pod 3.1.0

What it does

1.) Added Pod Members Section + About Us (PR #11)

  • We have added a Pod Members section which showcases all the members of our pod with their names and a picture. The cards are beautifully stacked & use a hover animation when selected, displaying the complete card.
  • We have also added an About Us section which gives a quick intro about our pod and our mission.

2.) Added Resume/CV button + NavBar customisations (PR #12)

This portfolio acts like a resume or CV but didn't contain it so, we added a resume/cv button to the nav-bar which redirects the user to a resume link & also customised the nav-bar with our pod logo, title.

How we built it

  • HTML
  • SCSS
  • YAML
  • Ruby

Challenges we ran into

Getting the animations right in Pod Members section was a bit tricky. Keeping up with upstream & resolving merge conflicts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We're really happy with the pod members section and believe it'll look even better when all members update their images.
  • We got 2 PR's merged

What we learned

  • Adding a UI element like carousel with animation.
  • Working as a team on solving a particular issue

What's next for pod-3.1.0-portfolio

Customising and updating the template to keep up with the accomplishments of our pod and adding new features.

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