💭 Inspiration

This project was given to all Explorer fellows; we were to build a website for our pod. We decided to develop a site that documented the amazing projects by our pod in one place and displayed all the pod members with their social handles. This project gave us a chance us to explore a bit of web design, React.js, the GitHub flow, and team collaboration.

🖥 What it does

This site allows users to get a quick overview of our pod (2.1.2), displaying our projects in one place and providing an easy way to see our pod members as well as their social media handles. For fun, our website even allows users to embrace their inner Frozen and build a snowman!

Snowman GIF

✏️ How we built it

  • Created a website design with Webflow
  • Frontend built with React.js
  • Styled-components for styling large parts of website
  • Implemented routing and smooth scrolling
  • Site hosted on Vercel

🛠 Challenges we ran into

We ran into a couple issues, one being our vastly different timezones. The Fellowship program's global community is amazing, but it definitely makes for some difficult scheduling. We're all quite new to React, so acclimating to the library and the packages we used took some time.

🏆 Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're super happy with the entire project, but here are some top points:

  • Building and deploying a fully responsive website from scratch
  • Collaborating well using the GitHub flow
  • Finishing the project within given time-frame

✨ What we learned

  • Development with React.js
  • Making website responsive for an amazing user experience
  • Animations with Framer Motion
  • Good GitHub practices (Branches, PRs, Merging)

☃️ What's next for Pod 2.1.2 Open-Sourced Olafs Site

Some ideas to improve the site:

  • Make our website more accessible according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • Add pod's gallery to display all the meetings images and the fun events
  • Create a dark mode feature
  • Add blog posts features so that pod members can share their experience


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