We are able to connect user with the information they need to see information related to those multiple modes of transportation. The virtual tour model shows users where each of these multiple modes of transportation are and the application can be used to get users to each point of transportation mode they need from plane, by train, by bus, taxi, etc. Once we add the OpenXC information we can go from car, plane, train, or taxi.

Our mission is to give mobile users an interactive, top-notch tour experience. We are taking paper and mobile self-guided tours to the next level. We want to help guide tourism and have an impact on communities around the world.

OpenXC platform would allow PocketSights to merge from a walking guidance based application to a commuters based application for users to use in all types of vehicles. Users could truly go off road with PocketSights guiding them every step of the way.

There are two components to our product:

The web based tour builder where tours are created by organizations.

*Signup at: http://pocketsights.com/signup to create commuter tours.

The mobile (iOS) app where users can take those tours (by physically walking or virtually).

Explore, Discover, Learn

We all have a natural impulse to explore, but it can be intimidating to step outside of what you know. Our goal is to provide mobile users an authentic experience that gives them the confidence and direction to explore and discover the places around them, while learning about history and culture.

Revitalization & Economic Growth

Our second goal is to be a catalyst for economic growth by boosting tourism and driving more foot traffic into less populated areas.

The app was built with the following types of organizations in mind:

Community/Government Organizations

Revitalize communities by building awareness

✓ Connect visitors with the exciting future of your community

✓ Show more people, from more places, the parts of your community that they previously knew little about

✓ The more who see the attractive qualities of your community, the more potential for tourism, foot traffic, economic growth, investment, and revitalization

Historic Societies & Preservation Organizations

Increase heritage tourism and boost local economy

✓ Encourage preservation, educate visitors, and tell a story while boosting the economy of your city, town, or village

✓ Bring about neighborhood revitalization, expose community character and charm, and increase sustainable tourism and economic development

✓ Engage mobile users by making it easy for them to learn about what your community was and how it became this way

Colleges & Universities

Encourage applications and alumni giving

✓ Excite prospective students, freshmen, parents, new faculty and staff, and alumni about the present and future of your campus

✓ Tour guides aren't always available, or may only cover main parts of the campus. Let visitors explore your campus at their own pace and wander off the beaten path

✓ Show returning alumni new construction projects and what's new and exciting on your campus, all the while encouraging donations

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