Personal painpoints, there currently isn't a simple way to find exactly what we're looking for quickly at shopping centres. For example, a customer who wants a pair of red shoes who doesn't have time to browse all the different shoe shops and their catalogues to find that perfect pair.

What it does

The app is an instant-messaging platform that matches customers to stores after customers place Buying Requests – items that they are looking to purchase. Retailers that stock that category of item receive a notification and are able to converse with the customers about the items in their stock that may be of interest.

How we built it

The main application is an iOS app written in Objective-C. This talks to a backend server written in Node.js, hosted on Heroku and backed by a MongoDB datastore. We also built an example retailer-management web application in React which allows the retailers to converse with the customers in the app.

Challenges we ran into

Managing scope creep in the application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Worked really hard on the pitch deck and video which we though went well.

What we learned

Learnt a whole bunch of new tech.

What's next for PocketShop

Further product enhancements, such as the ability to pay in the app and integrate location-tracking beacons in store.

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