The lack of information about what we eat inspired us to develop this application. This app will not focus just on the nutritional values. We want people to be conscious about the several problems that our planet is going through.

What it does:

Our program is designed to offer a smart yet simple solution for consumers that want to take a closer look at the ingredients of the products they buy, plus the ecological effect they leave when they are processed or manufactured. The program scans the barcode and shows us a full set of statistics of it so the consumer can better evaluate what he is actually paying for from a nutritional and environmental perspective.

How we built it:

First of all, we did the main menu and the registration interface. The registration menu is connected to a MySQL online server through php requests. There, the user’s information will be stored. When the user successfully logs in, he will be able to scan the barcode. The mobile app has got, apart from a register and login function, an extra screen to scan the barcodes and another one to visualize the results.

Challenges we ran into:

The biggest challenge we had to face was to decide and program the database we were going to work with. At first, we thought about creating one from scratch, randomizing the characteristics and leaving the names of the products as simple variables. Then, we thought about downloading one from the internet. Both of these options were finally dismissed and at the end we decided to create the database ourselves from various groceries we got on the event. Additionally, we got some issues with php because we had never used it before but nothing that could stop us. We’ve also built the app with different types of computer languages despite our lack of initial knowledge in many of them.

Accomplishments that we are proud of:

We were able to create a database with the products we found on our room and their nutritional information. We are proud to have archieved that on time.

What we learned:

We had a lot of fun learning C# and PHP for databases. We have also learned many important stuff about the things we buy and we got some more awareness on the climate topic.

What’s next for PocketScanner :

We would like to continue this project because we think that is a great idea.The main difficulty is to get a big dataset with all the food products that we can buy in Spain because there is no free information about it. Nonetheless, we will try to get it in the near future to complete our prototype.

Built with :

We used C# and Unity to design the interface of the app. The database we created was originally made with Microsoft Excel and later transformed into STQL in order to upload and manage it in the cloud.

Built With

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