To create a highly available and secure method for financial transactions. Subsequently increasing usage and decreasing cyber theft (or the severity of such).

What it does

PocketQR is a cross platform payment system which uses QR codes to make purchases. Its true advantage lies in its ability to send data across SMS (encrypted) allowing for those with little to no data plans the ability to spend securely.

How we built it

GraphQL is Magic. See the related image.

Challenges I ran into

GraphQL schema caused lots of errors during development, managing the project while developing is not so easy earlier.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We functioned and operated as Team. It allowed us to develop faster. Everything went smoother than what we expected expectations.

What we learned

Everyone on the team developed new skills. Whether it was creating a landing page with react, working with apollo-client to fetch and mutate data or creating and managing a graphql backend.

What's next for PocketQR

We want to revolutionize the way people make purchases. With PocketQR, everyone can make purchases in a safe and convenient manner. No card data is transmitted across the wire (or is it available). With our internet and SMS features, it is guaranteed that you can make purchases as long as you are carrying a phone with messaging access.

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