This application was made because my experience when getting a salary did not separate the money for spending and savings in one wallet, and in the end my savings were used unconsciously for expenses that should not have to be spent. Therefore, I created the Pocketo application as a pocket management system in order to spend/save money from a predetermined pocket.

What it does

Pocketo is a pocket management application to help users manage their spending and savings in one application. pocketo also provides payment services to fellow users or merchants who use Pocketo.

How We Built it

we use Rapyd (Wallet, Collect, Disburse, Issue) API and for the stack we use react native, expo and firebase. we use metadata object to differentiate each pocket transactions

Challenges we ran into

it's my first time to build complex mobile application with react native.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • top up features (Rapyd Collect API)
  • transfer features (Rapyd Wallet & Collect API)
  • Pocket Management
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