My name is Mikaela, and I live in Salesforce every day making outbound calls and emails. The existing sales process is extremely inefficient, and there has to be a better way to do it. So, we built it!

Introducing PocketForce, the best mobile app for becoming a smarter and more efficient sales rep.

With PocketForce you can easily filter your tasks to target task types, keywords or timezones. Once you've done this you can swipe left to delete irrelevant tasks, and swipe right to add a task to your agenda.

On the agenda you can drag and drop your sales tasks to finalize the ordering of your workflow of the day.

Once my schedule is complete, you can switch over to the pocket tab to begin calls and emails for the day.

Here you have a card view of each contact one at a time. You can tap the card to view their full details, activity history, and full LinkedIn profile, and then swipe left to email them, or swipe right to call.

Once the call is complete, the comments screen pops up to fill out some notes, and reschedule the task or complete. All of this data is immediately saved and uploaded into the Salesforce platform.

Lastly: PocketForce Discover

We can automatically track the sales process, from email open rates of clients, to industries you target and much more.

With this data we have written a machine learning algorithm in Apex leveraging your salesforce data, our custom tracked data, and the whitepages company api to automatically find you high quality leads.

In our screenshot you can see it has identified that the Director of Conferences at Kellogg's would be a great person to call and they are most likely to answer around Wednesday at 1PM. Based on this we determined an 12.6% chance of success on closing this lead.

As more sales reps start using PocketForce this data will only get better and better

Not only does PocketForce improve your sales workflow, it helps improve the entire sales process

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