There are so many great companies that I want to try build connection to. Yet after talking to one and another, I get mixed up which information I heard from who. Also, I am such a forgetful person who gets a business card but will lose shortly after. Then this application we thought might be able to resolve all these problems that we've built one.

What it does

So to be used in multi conferences, we decided to make a login page. So for example, there will be a designated passward for Hack the North given to participants. Then after they download the app, they can login to see all the companies who have came to HTN. After checking out the companies that are here, for the ones that they are interested, they can go talk to them and have some fruitful time. Then, if they scan the logo of the company, any of the key information of the company which it would've saved in the database for the participants would pop up. That will be saved and will be able to view the next time. So going over to like 20 companies, you will have a pile of company with their key information saved up on the application, right in your pocket. Then you won't forget about it and will be a good connection building as well.

How we built it

We didn't get to fully develop the product. Instead, in order to visually demonstrate how the application works, we used the figma to create a prototype.

Challenges we ran into

Since this was the first hackathon for both of us, we weren't certain what we could produce within the given amount of time. After a long discussion, we eventually got our minds into one project. However, we took another while to decide upon which software to use to create this application since our skillsets were so different. Eventually we started the actual programming later than the others that we didn't get to fully build our product. So due to the lack of experience, the time management was the biggest challenge for us. However, now that we know, we can do a lot better the next time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was the first hackathon for both of us. Yet, we've pulled it through and we made it through. I'm very proud of us. Also, looking at all those hard coding people, we were deeply inspired. As still beginner programmers, we could find the beauty (with a bit of hardship) in coding through this event.

What we learned

We learned a lot of Figma program which I first learnt how to use through the illustration workshop at HTN. It turned to be a really useful prototyping tool and it helped us to think critically about our idea and optimise the user experience. It was also useful in helping us make lots of useful iterations and allowed us to take full advantage of the design process. Through this event, coming up with the idea of how it can be utilised in everyday life, I once again realised the beauty of technology and hacking. This sure was a great experience which I want to come back next year and explore further with all these inspiring people.

What's next for PocketData

We will try to get what's happening on figma to be actually functional and be in application format. Then hackathons or any big conference holders can easily use it.

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