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PocketData provides students, technical experts and scientists around the world with hundreds of lines of valuable information in a very fluid and easy-to-use mobile app. Let's change raw data into information.

Why PocketData?

PocketData is not about showing hundreds of rows of raw data. Anybody can do that. PocketData is unique because it focuses on displaying data into legible and easy to access information. An app can have all the data it needs, however if users have a difficult time navigating and retrieving their data, that app no longer serves a purpose. PocketData focuses on reducing the learning curve and creating a fluid user-experience. Information is what we are looking for; not raw data. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. -Leonardo da Vinci


You can search, find, filter, and even favorite your most commonly used element. You can sort elements by their atomic number, element name, or by your favorites!

Elements contain ground shell, ground level and ionization energy information as well as include all the data isotopes and standard atomic weights! You don’t have to visit two different datasets to get this information; it's all been conveniently placed together!

All the data has been formatted to be displayed conveniently within a beautiful crafted table that puts emphasis on the more important details.

Includes stunning new images for the element type to provide a more friendly user experience.

Includes all the fundamental physical constants! Simply search any term you’d like. With live search suggestions showing as you continue to type your term. That way you will have found what you were searching for without typing in the full term!

New innovative thermocouple database! Select your thermocouple type from a colored list!

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