This is a simple app that tracks an individual's spendings and budget in a log. With this app, users can either input the amount of money spent or take a picture of the receipt and have it automatically entered in. This easy to use app allows individuals to compare the amounts of money spent to the actual budget. In the calendar, one can view their spendings for one day, week, etc. The log categorizes the entries and displays the total amount spent, tap, and tix for each entry. Out pie chart allows users to view the amounts of money they spent in each category, and how close they are to thier budget.

Contributions, Credits, and References

All Files:

research - all collaborators

implementing/adding all code into master - carol

graphics - lauren and maitreyee and Christian Tashima (tashworks.com)

fonts and implementing fonts - lauren and maitreyee

All the CV Calendar Files:

calendar - https://github.com/Mozharovsky/CVCalendar

comments in calendar file - mira

implementing into app - carol

seeing entries per day and getting circles to show up on correct days - carol

Pie Chart:

pie chart - https://github.com/maxday/MDRotatingPieChart

finding pie chart - mira

center of pie chart format and deleting spinning function - mira

alternative pie chart solution - lauren and maitreyee

button color configuration - amanda

labels and correct pie chart display and budget - carol

Receipt Log:

add entry/edit entry/delete entry - carol

controllers/functions and views - carol

total sum values - amanda and carol

category sidebar - carol

color scheme, backgrounds and graphics - lauren and maitreyee

OCR Image Processing:

"love in a snap" tutorial - http://www.raywenderlich.com/93276/implementing-tesseract-ocr-ios

“love in a snap” discovery - mira

put OCR into app - carol and amanda

parsed strings into price, tax, tip - carol

OCR algorithm help - all collaborators

filters for images to feed in ocr algorithm - carol and amanda

Local Storage:

deleting, adding, editing entries and money info - carol


to-do list - www.youtube.com/watch?v=war0gHL26ns

edit button side swipe - http://blog.apoorvmote.com/uitableviewcell-swipe-custom-button-ios-8-swift/

blurry side menu - https://maniacdev.com/2014/09/open-source-swift-based-ios-8-blurred-side-menu-component

local storage - http://www.raywenderlich.com/85578/first-core-data-app-using-swift

custom button - http://webindream.com/how-to-customise-button-in-swift/

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