I use Pocket to manage my list of articles that friends send me or I stumble upon online. I know a lot of interesting people that use Pocket for the same reason, so I thought it would be awesome to build a social network around Pocket and long-form articles. With Pocket with Me, I hope to make article discovery easier, more social, and more fun.

How it works

After logging in with your Pocket account, you can publicly share your reading activity via a personal URL. You can also follow other Pocket with Me users to get updates on their activity as well. Once you find, an article that sounds interesting, it's just a click away to add it to your own Pocket right from the website!

What's next for Pocket with Me

Feel free to play with the alpha version! I'm going to rebuild it from scratch to make it more production-ready, and to support new features. If you want to know when it's launched for real, drop your email in this form and I'll get in touch ASAP! <3

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