I really wanted to help students with organizing their school work. I've seen first hand (as a high school student) how difficult it can be for some students to keep track of their work, and that was why they were not achieving the grade they wanted. Pocket School hopes to help keep these students organized in a simplistic fashion.

What it does

Pocket School is a website that helps students be organized. It includes a notes function, a to-do list, a class schedule, a homework due tracker, and a helpful resource page. Within the first couple of functions, the users can choose to use an existing file or choose to download the necessary information onto their computer.

How I built it

I used HTML, CSS, and Javascript on Qoom to build the website. I used Qoom's "survey report" function to record/track who signed up.

Challenges I ran into

There were many different problems I ran into. Some of them included annoying bugs, structure issues, file names/deletions, etc. etc. etc. There were so many bugs that I ran into when coding Pocket School.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Because I am still fairly new to HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Qoom, and because this hackathon was quite short for me, I am proud to say that I finished it, and that it has functionality. I also ran into way too many different bugs, so I'm really proud that I was able to fix them.

What I learned

I really learned how to manipulate HTML, CSS, and Javascript really well. I'm still fairly new to it, and throughout the whole project, I really got to understand how they work together and how they interact. I also learned how to use the "survey report" function of Qoom which can prove to be useful later.

What's next for Pocket School

I really hope to expand the functionalities of Pocket School, and I really hope to reach more, and more students. I had a lot of fun coding this project, and I really worked hard on it. Hopefully, one day I can get more people to use it, and hopefully, one day it change students' lives everywhere.

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