App Highlights
  • Analyze millions of global searches in the cloud with massive scale through Heroku and MongoDB
  • Evaluate the value of a potential customer based on their search queries
  • Build and optimize highly-targeted SEM accounts at scale for Google, Bing, and Yahoo
App Description

Pocket PPC is an automated paid search optimization machine that deconstructs user search queries from Google Adwords and Bing Ads. The app can connect with a company’s CRM system to communicate the revenue or leads associated with each user search query. Once the feedback loop is complete, the app creates and organizes the most valuable keywords into a PPC account structure and writes competitive, specific ads at-scale.

App Technology

Pocket PPC takes advantages of cloud technology to create a seamless user experience. Cloud storage and server-side processing on Heroku allow marketing analysts to collaborate on global accounts. The speed and scale of MongoDB and Redis allow analysts to quickly process massive amounts of user data.

Business Impact
  • Global paid search is a huge market (over $70B annually)
  • Most companies overpay for SEM customers by 30%+ due to poorly optimized accounts at scale
  • Deploying and optimizing highly-targeted SEM accounts saves millions of dollars and increases lead/transaction volume by up to 600%
Target Users

Our app targets medium to enterprise-level marketing executives and their teams, operating PPC accounts with an annual minimum spend of $1 million.

Marketing Innovation

Our app is unique from existing competitor technology – such as Kenshoo and Marin - because our engine actually builds the ideal paid search account and reacts to the way live customers search for a client’s product. Unlike the competition, our tools:

  • Build ROI-efficient accounts from user searches
  • Create specific, relevant ad copy at scale
  • Track customer value at the search query level
Team Inspiration

Sara Murray (Phillips) spent countless grueling hours manually analyzing hundreds of thousands of user search queries in Microsoft Excel on the Expedia Global paid search team. She believed that she could design technology to free up PPC marketing teams to focus their resources on the more fascinating aspects of SEM and left Expedia in 2012 to found Triomphe Global Marketing, a company dedicated to innovation in online paid search marketing. She leads Triomphe clients to success on ambitious global-scale SEM initiatives.

Alex Murray, our lead developer, was introduced to online marketing and big data problem-solving as a consultant at McKinsey. He left McKinsey to focus on transforming marketing processes through the use of massive datasets at Expedia and a Warburg Pincus company, A Place for Mom. In 2014, Alex joined forces with Sara to focus on building the next generation of tools for search engine marketing optimization. Alex’s life goal is to run his business from his phone.

Rodrigo Lopes is an international man of mystery. We're just kidding, Rodrigo is a software engineering manager at Amazon. He loves a chance to get back into the code for innovational new companies and products, and has been collaborating with Triomphe Global Marketing since early 2014.

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