Parking is inconvenient and an expensive hassle in Miami, so we came up with a solution that will alleviate this daily stress for drivers as well as provide residents and local businesses beneficial profit from their unused parking spots.

What it does

This web application allows users to rent out vacant parking spaces at an hourly rate of their choice. Logged in users can then view available parking spots within their current location. These users are able to choose available spots on google maps and submit a payment on their credit card to reserve their spot.

How We built it

Technologies: JavaScript, React, React Router, Redux, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose

Challenges We ran into

Integrating the npm package react-google-maps into our react application. Making our web application fully responsive.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We designed the entire app to be a Single Page Application that communicates asynchronously with our back-end and external APIs, which makes this communication feel very fast and responsive for the user. The UX is also intuitive and very simple for navigating across the app and conducting transactions.

What We learned

We realized the importance of reinforcing organization by breaking down large issues into smaller components and delegating according to the strengths of each teammate to work efficiently.

What's next for Pocket Park

Do market research on the app's ability to gain traction in South Florida. Optimize essential features and share with first users.

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