Inspirationat any point in our lives, we've all had a medical appointment where the doctor explains how dangerous it is to not follow the instruction of your medical dosage, however, alot of patients really don't know how medicine and it's dosage work. For this reason, we wanted to create an application that would help out the patients with this confusion.

What it does

the app informs the patients and tells them how important it is to take thier medication at the given time their doctor's gave them, and they could also contact their doctor's with this app.

How we built it

we used a software called Ionic, where we used html and css to create the layouts of the application, in the meantime, one member of our team, worken on the BackEnd side of the app, where he used ruby on rails. throught these 3 last days, we have been giving roles to everyone, be it the layout, connecctivity, testing, design, debugs and documentation of the app.

Challenges we ran into

since we are students, most of us didn't have any experience as a software designer, and since we were using tools we had never used before, it was really hard to get the hang of it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

we consider the fact that we could finish the application and make it function properly a huge success.

What we learned

we learned alot about the way we build and manipulate the languages we used and specific objects in a application, the way we made the app connect to the data base and the web service

What's next for Pocket Med

what we believe is that it could transform into an app that isn't just doctor-patient, but lso integrate farmacies into the mix by at any given time, that the doctor changes the patient's treatment, the app can perform payments of the new medication to a farmacy that has that medicine stocked.

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