Combating social injustice is our passion. People would greatly benefit from having evidence of abuses by superiors upon innocent civilians.

The Project

PocketLawyer's dedicated hardware solution will allow for the automatic creation of audio and video recordings when an altercation occurs. It can create an audio transcription of an event while simultaneously providing sentiment analysis. Also, it is available as a web app, which uses natural language processing, to listen for keywords and heightened emotions to start audio recordings intelligently.

What We Used

JavaScript, Python, google cloud, flask, sentiment analysis, natural language processing, nginx, node.js, Jquery, video and audio analysis, artificial intelligence

What we Struggled With

Python package and environment management. Sentiment analysis was not easy. Learning to use google cloud's services was a little steep at first too.

What We're Proud Of

Sentiment Analysis! The web app displays audio transcripts, and records based on key words (and emotions as a stretch goal) said through the microphone.

What We Learned

The google cloud product stack; specifically, the speech to text API.

What's Next

Clean the code up, finish and refine more features including user authentication, and add unified cloud storage.

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posted an update

Hey Judges, please use Firefox when trying our demo!

Also, we apologize for our invalid SSL certificate. Communication is encrypted, but the SSL certificate is not registered with a certificate authority and you may see a warning when you visit the site as a result. Rest assured, our website is not being spoofed :)

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