In National Student Money Survey revealed that more students than ever before are struggling to make ends meet – and the stress is very real. So we thought what solution can help students strategically save towards an emergency fund without feeling overwhelmed?

What it does

What our app does is help students save money for an emergency situation, so when you make a payment through our app it automatically rounds off the amount to the nearest 10 and save the remaining balance amount. This amount can then be used for an emergency fund or can be invested

How we built it

We used flutter, dart and firebase for our app

Challenges we ran into

We are proud of our progress with our app being able to make the design for both android and iOS is a big accomplishment for us

What we learned

We learned about the challenges students of various demographic face

What's next for Pocket Guard

We would like to build the rest of the features and publish them on the play store

Built With

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