The idea of designing web3 service dedicated to help parents give pocket money to their children came to our brains thanks to a talk that Theo got with his sister. Sarah italics : hey Theo, you know a lot of stuffs about the cryptocurrencies stuff ? Theo : Sure ! Why do you ask ? Sarah: Simon can't stop talking about buying bitcoin/nft. I am not really sure about that and I don't know how to do... Maybe you could help me ? Theo: Sure ! Let's do this.

From here Theo realised three things : 1) teenagers will adopt web3 in the future. 2) they will adopt it faster than their parents. 3) their parents will need a service to give them crypto and monitor their activity.

Even if we started working on the Pocket Idea around April, we have been working since then and most of it has been created during the past months.

What it does

2 main things :

  • help parents buying and sending crypto easily to their teenagers.
  • help parents monitor their children activity.

How we built it

We built it after talking with 4 parents that matched our target. The main characteristics that they expected was simplicity and security. Using our skills in front-end, back-end and smartcontract development, we build a web app solution.

Challenges we ran into

The challenge we ran into is to find the right balance between User Experience and decentralisation. That's why we implemented a solution that can use in the same time magic link and metamask.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a web app that respect the core philosophy of web3 but with the welcomeness of a web2 application.

What we learned

We learned many things around blockchain development and a lot of interesting technologies :

  • wagmi
  • foundry (even if we had to switch to hardhat a few times after)
  • hardhat
  • react for Guillaume and Sami
  • solidity for Theo and Solal

What's next for Pocket

So many things...

  • launch our beta to get our first users. Hopefully in september.
  • an improvement of the privacy of our smartContract, maybe through ZKP.
  • an implementation of meta transactions for our smart contract for a better user experience
  • shift to an implementation of a smart wallet solution such as sequence wallet
  • a fine categorisation of child transactions.
  • remove upgradability of our smart contract, in order to become a truly decentralised solution.

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