Inspiration 🤩

Looking at the statics, we can see that many people die because of sudden cardiac arrest and by performing effective CPR you can save a life in a time-sensitive situation. Many people freeze up when it comes to saving someone's life, and our hope is that our app can help guide individuals through the process of CPR until a medical professional can take over

What it does 🎨

Our app lets you choose what you are doing CPR on. Adults, children, and infants all have different types of CPR so our app allows you to choose who you are doing it on. Once you have clicked that it will start a ring timer of the set amount of compressions and with each increase in compressions, the watch will send a vibration letting you know when to compress. This is where our app is most beneficial because people don't know what rate to do CPR and how long to do it. Our app guides people by sending vibrations and shows a ring timer to display how many compressions are left.

How we built it ⚒

We built our app using Swift and React. Our watch app uses swift to create the watch interface and to create the vibrations and the timers section. We used Next.js, Firebase, and Chart.js to save and display data and statistics for Pocket CPR. Medical professionals who visit the site can save the data in a CSV format.

Challenges we ran into 🏔

Making an apple watch app was very challenging since none of our team members have done it before. There was very little documentation so we had to go through lots of trial and error and had to persevere to get the final solution. We also encountered many errors since we were writing code that only was on ios applications and not watches os applications. So, finding the documentation for watch os functions was very difficult. But in the end, we were able to create a fully functioning app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🚀

We were very proud of actually finishing the app. Creating the ring timer was very difficult and there was little documentation to help us out. In the end, we were able to figure it out and have a fully functioning watch app. It was also our first apple watch app, so that was a big accomplishment as well. We were also proud of creating a react website that portrays more data about CPR and cardiac arrest.

What we learned 💡

We learned how watch os works, how watch kit works, and we learned a lot about creating apple watch apps. We learned how storyboards work in watch os, and how watch os functions and how to create advanced features in swift.

What's next for Pocket CPR 🤷‍♂️

We hope to connect this to firebase to allow people to see their history of saving people and the statics. We also hope to publish this on the app store because we think it would be very beneficial and could save many lives. Another step we can take is to distribute our data and statistics on CPR compression/survival rates to large medical institutions in order to improve research on CPR effectiveness.

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