On YouTube, perhaps, you've come across that one song, instrumental or vocal cover that blows your mind. You listen to it once only to be annoyed that you have to hit the replay button. Adding salt to the wound, you'll always need Wi-Fi or 3G on your phone to listen to that song!

Pocket Converter is an Android app that seeks to solve that frustrating problem. Through YouTube's internal app, while you're jumping from vid to vid and find that song that you love, you can easily store the vid as an MP3 to your music player. We allow you to hit the share button, click the Pocket Converter icon, and essentially pocket the song for later. Now, you can keep the song and play it with or without Wi-Fi or 3G anytime, anywhere.

Always on your device, ready to go, pockets songs from YouTube and in the future, Facebook, Dailymotion, Soundcloud. Pocket Converter.

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