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With half the team (Gui and Magnus) living in Brazil, they notice young people our age in Latin America are struggling with financial literacy. Many of them got their first credit card without knowing how it works, and ended up setting themselves up for debt. Furthermore, many of us are struggling with the concept of budgeting and saving while still working, living and enjoying life. According to OECD, financial literacy rate is 31% in Brazil. The UN named inclusive finance one of their major goals in helping with poverty, economic growth and inequality. However, more and more people are aware that being inclusive in finance is not enough, but we need to have responsible finance. What this means is teaching the next generation how to deal with money responsibly so they can have a sustainable finance situation. Helping younger generation to learn about these fundamental personal finance knowledge allow them a chance to save money and manage their own money responsibly instead of falling into the debt trap. To solve this issue, introducing Pocked, a personalized financial education platform for anyone to learn about financial literacy knowledge in the most fun way possible.

What it does

Pocked is a personalized financial education platform for anyone to learn about financial literacy knowledge in the most fun way possible. Watch a video and answer some questions. Level Up your financial knowledge and Level up in Life!

How we built it

We prototyped the design with Zeplin and Invision

We used html5, css, and javascript for our frontend, and PHP and mysql for our backend logic for the whole platform. We used an API utilizing php, jquery and ajax for the chat system and integrated it with the PHP backend.

Challenges we ran into

It's my first time dealing with PHP but Magnus is a pro in PHP. We also struggled with how we are scaling and earning money going forward, but we realize we could partner up with financial institutions in Latin America to run ads and lessons to teach about personal finance.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The initial UI/UX design and implementing the whole backend quiz logic and user database with PHP and mySQL

What we learned

We learnt to use tawkto API and incorporate that in our PHP as an in-app chat system. We also learnt to deploy our website using service

What's next for POCKED - learn about personal finance playing.

Improving and building the notification feature. Raise funding with Latin America to further improve the product further and build an iOS/Android version before launching it.

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