We were perplexed by the problem food security was in Davis, with the evidence of the pantry and rising food cost, it has become a little tricky finding food you need at the budget you have. we are trying to combat this problem with our mobile app PO'BOY, which consolidates all the cheapest food prices in Davis all under one app. you just have to search for it.

What it does

The user searches the food item they want in the app, the app then populates a list of the food item starting with the cheapest price and which store it is available app.

How I built it

we created a backend python flask server API to make calls to it, then the python scripts execute retrieving food prices from stores around Davis by web scraping them.

Challenges I ran into

implementing the API to the google cloud was a big task since some python 3rd party libraries were incompatible with Google App Engine Services like selenium and beautifulsoup which are essential for the API we created

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making a functional interactive prototype in Figma, as well as creating the API to make queries to get food prices.

What I learned

API and app development are very intense and complex, there was no easy solution when we were implementing our app, however we learned a lot on what to avoid.

What's next for PO'BOY App

We are planning to make a native mobile app for IOS and Android and expand the scope of our app to serve users outside of Davis.

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