What inspired us

We are inspired by how the Fidelity Hackathon originated, which is in search for feasible project ideas that could benefit investors and clients. What we have built, despite being immature and unrefined, is created with the purpose of ensuring safe information transmission between clients.

How it is built

We used C code as the primary function program, and uploaded the C executable to a website, with interface written in php and HTML.

What we have learned

We consulted many sources, including documentations, websites and books for information. This includes but not limited to the documentation of zlib and libpng, which are two add-on libraries to ANSI C standard, with features on PNG manipulation and compression.

Challenges we faced

We faced some difficulties as well, including problems regarding compatibility with HTTP and HTTPS, unknown error about unreachable program outputs, and we solved nearly all problems we have discovered.

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