Most of the talented students didn't improve their abilities just because of lack of resources. I just want to give them a platform to learn and win.

What it does

It makes Students learn 1. Teamwork 2. Planning 3. Tolerance 4. Creativity 5. Problem-solving 6. Reduce the difference between rich, middle class, poor Students. On the other hand, It's a marketing platform for those whose target market is school students.

How I built it

Website is created in WordPress (CMS) and Facebook bot is also created.


 Quiz filters the best students.
 Students can select their own team members via the website. 
 Workshops are held for the training of the students. We train them the best practices.
 After creating the teams, activities held in each school one by one. We are accepting 3 schools at a time and divide activities accordingly. Judges are also belonged to each school to avoid favouritism.  
Winning team will get the prize. 

What's next for Pneurs

Now it's just for schools but in the future, we will make it for university students too. We will create the teams of members having a different skill set from different fields.

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