It stands for Plant Management System. What else would it stand for?

Have you ever seen a flower or a plant that really made you go, "Wow!", but you could never really figure out what it was? We have. And we wanted to know what it was called. In Riverside especially, it's really hard to grow a garden of most plants, so a lot of people have taken to growing succulents. Everyone knows it's a succulent, but we wanted to know what kind of succulent it was so that we could buy it for ourselves without having to rely on browsing the shelves at Home Depot or Lowes'.

Essentially, we wanted to make a product that takes a picture of a plant, identifies it against a database of plants, and returns the identification to you.

We used Google AutoML Vision to identify new images of our plants based on a database of other plants that we train the labels against. In the thirty-six hours we were given, we have trained the AutoML Vision service to recognize three different kinds of succulents.

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