Build On, Singapore 2019 is jointly organized by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Government Technology Agency (GovTech) and the National University of Singapore (NUS). This hackathon challenges students from post-secondary institutes to build solutions for real-world problems using AWS products and services.

Current Status

There is a rise in the usage of PMDs in our urban environment. PMDs are extremely affordable and serves an emerging demand for micro mobility, especially for bridging the last mile. In comparison, a Toyota Camry cost around a hundred and fifty thousand singapore dollars while a PMD costs an average amount of five hundred singapore dollars and a car in Singapore can incur various other costs such as road tax and parking. With a PMD, you have the autonomy and freedom get to your destination whenever you want and wherever you want while being eco friendly.


In recent years, PMD accidents have been on the rise and LTA had seen the need to implement various measures to counter this trend through the process of PMD registration. However, there has been concerns and doubts regarding the effectiveness of the licence in promoting good riding behaviours as it only takes into account the road worthiness of PMDs.


PMDiquette is an AWS sumerian powered Virtual Reality based PMD safety training simulator. Through the game, PMD users would go through various stages to learn the rules of safety and responsible PMD riding by practising their riding skills in a virtual environment before being certified.

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