Air pollution is quite serious in China and many developing countries. Many people want to know the air quality around them especially the precise air quality in the building nearby and how much pollution they breathe in.
We want to develop a project to help people to record the air quality around them and share the record with others in our website. According to the air quality, we can give some suggestions and make alert.

What it does and How We Built it

With our first first generation of hardware(LaunchPad w msp432 EMT and TMP 300E air quality sensor), we generally divide the air quality into 4 levels, and our device can reflect the air quality directlty through the LED on the board. Our second generation hardware can detect the air quality using arduino and shinyei PPD42 sensor module. With serial port, our hardware can communicate with the server and the server will process the data and make a diagram presented on the front end. We work together and have a good division of labor. At first, we had a brilliant and impressive brainstorm. After we made a decision on our project, we immediately concentrated on our project. Two of us take charge of the hardware part and the other two of us build the server and the front end of our project.

Challenges We ran into

The communication of the sensor and the host. The function of the serial.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We focus on the hot topic in China and believe that our project will help ease the problem of haze and smog.

What We learned

We learned a lot from cooperation especially the brainstorm.

What's next for PM25

What we want to realize is to provide a platform for all people who want to share the air quality around them. In the future, we want to use QingCloud to better realize of function. Besides we want to make use of some better hardware and increase the sensitivity of our sensor. We also want to fulfill the Real-time 3D Visualization of the distribution of PM2.5 in a room and the whole city.

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