We were inspired to make a live code editor to make pair programming easier and to aid in teaching. The group helps run workshops with all different age groups and skill levels and having a central space to learn can make the initial learning curve lower.

What it does allows teachers, educators, or tutors to share and participate with those interested in developing their skill. Simply type in a URL to join a learning session, or host your own, and you’ll be connected live with other users who are interested in developing their skills.

How we built it is built using React and Firebase. By utilizing the event system from Firebase, and the rendering system from React, the state of the application is transmitted live to and from the server. This allows users to chat live, view each other’s code, and learn together.

Challenges we ran into

Building a live collaboration tool is both harder and easier than it sounds. Getting everything to work together, and work quickly was a pain. Getting the iframe to render the code correctly was even harder.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We’re very proud to be able to have built a live coding and collaboration tool. Going into this hackathon, we thought this would be an impossible feat.

What we learned

Surprisingly easy and difficult to make this project.

What's next for PlzTeachMe

We would like to expand the functionality to other languages, as well as enhance the user tracking feature. Oauth might be a good next step to track user accounts for long term collaboration. Finally, the ability to export code would be extremely beneficial.

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