As women living in Bangladesh, our team has firsthand experience of the horrors women in face in our country every single day.


We strongly believing in empowering women and empowerment is completely intertwined with human rights. Violence against women is completely a human rights violation that should not be tolerated. And so, we want to find the perpetrators who are committing heinous acts against women and want to make our country and this world safe for women. The idea of a safe space for women, where women can live fearlessly is our greatest inspiration to develop PLYTE.

Wow factor!

It is a both an instantaneous as well as long term tool for women to protect themselves, knowing they’re not alone. Alongside emergency help features such as an alert button, automated video and audio recording and alerting trusted contacts and authorities during emergencies.

Future plan

PLYTE notifies users of risk zones, and provides community chatrooms and content that promotes relevant topics such as self-defence and awareness. Thus, we hope to see PLYTE as a weapon which women can utilise to protect, be protected, and shatter the barriers to women’s dreams.

"Don't forget, help is four pushes of a button away!"

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