How it works

PLW gives professionals the required tools to build online interactive courses within a social environment. These courses will be composed of video/audio recordings and gamified practices to create huge interactions, engagement and fun while learning.

The platform also serves as a social hub, connecting learners and professionals. Users will be able to connect with people of interest and interact with each other while learning through chat and discussions.

Professionals can display elegant profile built from their activities on the platform (Courses created, courses enrolled to, medals and certificates from courses) to attract desired interest.

How I built it

PLW is built using PHP, Javascript, JQuery, Json, MySQL, CSS and Html. I built it understudying social media platforms like facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and also educational platforms like Udemy, Skillshare, Khan academy and IXL. Gathering ideas together to build a social - learning platform aim at making teaching and learning fun, flexible and rewarding.

Challenges I ran into

Design and functionality. I am a self trained developer with a full time job as a Mathematics teacher. This means that I had to go through a whole lot of self paced learning with my spare time. Reading up programming materials especially those that helped me solve particularly challenges while building my project. It was not easy getting certain features to work as I wish and making certain designs appear as I want.

Video Storage. PLW is hosted on server. Whogohost offers limited storage space. To save cost and optimise functionality, I decided to store videos on YouTube. Since these videos are expected to be created by PLW community; uploading them to YouTube became my next challenge. This I managed to overcome and I created a solution that works for me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

PLW is within its final stage and can host and render courses and social interactions to its users.

I am currently working on the first courses which is aimed at teaching people how to become online instructors and content creators.

What I learned

Solutions and built by constantly trying. There's no limit to what one can do as long as you remain persistent and keep working hard to find solutions to problems within your environment.

What's next for PLW - Play Learn and Win

Improving the GUI There have been a great improvement in the GUI from when I first started and now. I don't think it is near perfect and will constantly improve to create great appealing appearance to prospective users.

Creating Courses The primary objective here is to offer learning solutions. Thus, PLW need courses from renowned professionals running on it. We are in search of professionals with interest in content creating to dictate the pace.

Live Feature My dream of interactions between PLW users goes beyond chat and discussions. I hope to make it possible for users to interact in real time using live video conference to create a rich and purposeful interactions ranging from hosting live classes to holding meetings etc.

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