According to World Banks, "globally, 31 percent of adults are unbanked," and according to a GALLUP survey, 69% of Americans do not have a budget.

We wanted to tackle the apparent lack of financial literacy by developing a streamline, cross-platform product.

What it does

Plutus runs our voice assistant, Jade. By providing Jade with vocal input of your spending, Plutus automatically categorizes the input, presents how you are maintaining your goals, and visually models the data to offer an easy-to-digest graphical understanding of your finances.

How I built it

On the Google side, we used Firebase for our database and deployed our codebase to Google Cloud.

Additionally, we built the app in React Native and used d3.js for our information visualization functionality.

Challenges we ran into

  • Finding applicable datasets to apply to the NLP algorithm
  • Defining an adequate data model in the backend to reflect good data practices

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Implementing a pre-trained NLP model
  • Completing a fully functioning, dynamic application that can positively affect many lives.

What we learned

We learned about product breakdown, demo presenting methods and tactics, and that the 3rd floor of the CoC is a dope place to study/work!

What's next for Plutus

We want to complete our Freemium/Premium business model, include an in-depth "Investments" category that tracks real-time changes in the markets, provide more languages and currency options, add an AI to provide (non-legally liable) financial advice for reallocating money and developing goals based on the user's activity, and assist in debt reduction.

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