Budgeting and financial management apps are a dime a dozen. How can banks assist consumers in improving their financial health?

What it does

Plutonomics is a wealth management platform that uses anonymous consumer data to help users save money through retroactive data visualizations and proactive spending control. See where you are spending money at brick and mortar shops and find other retail locations near by. Consult 5uz3 Orman to see if you are approved or denied and curb your online impulse purchases.

How we built it

This project was built in Adobe XD and converted to Flutter through a plugin, this allowed for rapid prototyping of static components while still allowing for dynamic integration of Google Maps. Flutter not only allowed for quick conversion from wireframe to high fidelity prototype, it also ensured the solution was cross-platform across web, Android, and iOS. Data was cleaned and formatted locally in Excel and hosted on Datastax Astra to allow for REST API calls.

Challenges we ran into

Converting from Adobe XD to Flutter was not always reliable and a lot of testing was needed to reestablish the design. Many plugins in Adobe XD are also locked behind a paywall and that restricted the types of graphs that could be effectively produced.

What we learned

As a native mobile and backend developer, this was my first foray into frontend design and data science. My goal was to learn to create an interactive prototype in Adobe XD and built the product with as little code as possible. I learned how to use the tools in Adobe XD to create the usable components that would effectively demo that data obtained. I also learned how to use the database tools to glean insights from various sources.

What's next for Plutonomics

  • Applying more accurate location tracking as Zip Code areas can be quick large.
  • Creating a spending habit algorithms to more accurately track the impact of purchases
  • Improving map visualization through layers

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